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Empower your employees by featuring HealthDay News on your company’s Intranet

Every day, the HealthDay news service produces news for your employees that encourage them to live healthier lifestyles.

Health portals, managed care organizations, hospitals, television stations, pharmacies, and medical publishing companies license our content for display on their health Intranet and Web sites, and for inclusion in their newsletters.

How HealthDay Enhances Your Health Intranet

Featuring the most recent and relevant health care content on your Intranet encourages employees to take control of their health and wellness. HealthDay content enhances the health Intranets of large and small companies alike by offering their employees daily information that helps them live healthier lives.

HealthDay produces more than 15 news stories a day that focus on diet, fitness, exercise, nutrition, and general wellness that help employees either directly manage their own health or assists them with their role as a caregiver. The HealthDay news stories often focus on issues such as smoking, diabetes and obesity, allergies and asthma, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, depression, Alzheimer’s, mental health issues, and rehabilitation after surgeries.

HealthDay news is focused on the issues that either keep employees out of doctor’s offices or hospitals or deal with the issues once an employee has been treated by a medical professional. This news can populate the Corporate HR Intranet site or be featured in an ongoing employee health electronic or print newsletter.

The HealthDay news service is featured on more than 1,000 HR Intranets in corporations across the country directly via HealthDay or through corporate human resource health and disease management programs supplied by partners such as HealthMedia, Towers Watson, HealthCalc, Optum Health, Alere/Matria and many others.

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