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HealthDay News for Managed Care Organizations

Health News for Managed Care Organizations

HealthDay’s daily consumer health news is utilized and displayed on the Member Portals of many managed care organizations’ Web sites to help educate and create more engagement on a regular basis with members.

HealthDay’s news service helps managed care organizations in their efforts to encourage members to take charge of their health. By featuring HealthDay, these organizations provide members with daily “evidence based” knowledge and health tips containing practical advice for living a healthier lifestyle. This news also provides regular updates on medications related to FDA actions, as well as offering the most current news related to health topics of interest to members.

HealthDay’s managed care clients number over 100 organizations, including United Healthcare and more than 20 Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations [e.g. BCBS of Massachusetts and BCBS of Delaware].

HealthDay is also a preferred news and information resource integrated into many disease management programs used by managed care organizations, provided by companies such as McKesson, Trizetto, UHC’s Optum, Alere/Matria, ActiveHealth, SHPS, Staywell, HealthMedia, US Preventive Medicine, Gordian Health, Nationwide Better Health, Health Grades and others. These disease management programs, which include HealthDay news, are utilized by managed care organizations to deliver great, actionable health tools, news and information to health plan members, to help engage them in a more active role in healthy living.

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