Award-Winning News to Stimulate Traffic and Social Sharing

Some of the biggest names in health and wellness turn to HealthDay as a source for the latest health news. Some are experts in health, but not in health news. Some are experts in news, but not in health. Most are looking for creative, cost-effective ways to supplement their own coverage with expert content. Our media clients know they can rely on HealthDay's industry-wide reputation and policy of research-based, independent news coverage.

While there is no steadfast rule regarding the factors which encourage social media audiences to interact, a few key points prevail. Content needs to be relevant, interesting, news worthy, factual, and perhaps most importantly it needs to be emotive to trigger a reaction.

Stories need to be structured in a certain way to attract social sharing. A headline that asks a question encourages click-throughs. Using credible sources raises 'shareability' because the social media user knows that the stories they share are factually correct. Pairing relevant images with stories also helps content to stand out on cluttered timelines.

Case Study #1

Merck Manual is one of the most trusted medical reference sources in the market. But they are challenged by the fact that most people who visit the site are driven by a specific search and have a tendency to leave the site once they are done. In order to help keep users on the site longer, Merck created a news channel where HealthDay is the exclusive news source. Our news content is matched through our 900 topic flags to whatever interest the visitor may have, offering the opportunity to learn more by spending more time on their site.

Case Study #2

WebMD is one of the most recognized names in healthcare. While most of their content is encyclopedic, they do have their own news team. However, they turn to HealthDay because they realize they can't cover every story and so they supplement their own coverage with HealthDay's news. On an average day a third to a half of their news stories will come from HealthDay.