Custom SEO Content to Drive Client Acquisition

Content is still king. When it comes to ranking favorably with search engine algorithms, there is no substitute for well written, factual and relevant content. With competition intense to win organic ranking, HealthDay content can help you stand out from the crowd. The nature of SEO mandates that all content be unique and to this end this work falls to our custom content division. We leverage our core competence to produce unique content on a wide spectrum of health and medical subjects. Our customers get a solid base of web content to work with when managing SEO strategy.

Case Study 1

One of the most respected drug information sites decided to launch a new website that focuses on medical conditions. They were faced with the challenge of building a content foundation that would drive users to their new site. The company turned to HealthDay with specific article and keyword guidelines. HealthDay was tasked with providing a custom solution and created 400 pieces of content with an average of 1,200 words.

Case Study 2

A well-recognized health and wellness site had tens of thousands of pieces of content that had been created over the course of 10+ years. The tone was often outdated and much of the content needed to be updated. They turned to HealthDay to rewrite hundreds of articles a month focusing on keywords and phrases to drive SEO. The newly revised content then went on to be a significant contributor to driving new traffic to their site.