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Trying to increase your website's search engine optimization? Have questions about duplicative content? HealthDay's syndicated content won't negatively impact your company's search results on Google. On the contrary, HealthDay's content can help improve SEO, click-through rates, overall sessions and page views to your site.

HealthDay's Content Can Help with SEO

HealthDay content can help a site acquire additional SEO traffic if it is incorporated with your custom content. Google does not provide an exact percentage but, if on any given page of a website, about 30% of the content is unique, that site can rank well organically.

Syndicated Content Only Impacts an Individual Page, NOT the Entire Website

HealthDay's content does not affect the other pages of a website, including pages specific to your company or organization. As long as a website has pages with unique content, they will rank in Google based on that content and will not be affected by the pages that contain HealthDay's content. Even if every page on a website that displays a HealthDay article only contains HealthDay's content, worst case, those pages will not appear in Google's index.

SEO is Comprised of Several Factors

Google takes into consideration much more than simply the content on a website. For example, Google considers how many other websites direct traffic to that site and how long someone spends on the site, versus visiting another site. Including HealthDay content on your website will increase the chances that a visitor will find something valuable on the site that the visitor wants to share and link to. As a result, visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site reading HealthDay content. All of these factors will increase click-through rates and page views, which will ultimately favor your SEO.

Duplicative Content Does Not Impact your SEO

Duplicative content will not rank in a Google search but it won't hurt the credibility of your site either. Google does not penalize a site for having HealthDay or any other syndicated content.

For more information visit: 3 Myths About Duplicate Content and What is Considered Duplicate Content by Google's Panda Algorithm.

Last Updated: March 30, 2016

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