Educational Content to Drive Better Outcomes

Stop the bounce! While traffic will flow in greater numbers thanks to a solid SEO strategy, the traffic will drive right by unless engaged with meaningful content. SEO strategies vary, but when it comes to encouraging engagement and influencing a change in client behavior, there is no substitute for quality content.

Business models also vary. For one client, an abundance of traffic is enough to meet goals. For most others, traffic alone is not enough. Their goal is to engage clients/patients, and use the content to inspire them and to drive better outcomes.

HealthDay content is meta-tagged with hundreds of topic flags, which if paired with key words, will result in more accurate search results, more focused engagement, and ultimately a higher ratio of visits to inbound communications. This level of engagement uses content to personalize communications, which in turn delivers better individual outcomes.

If SEO is the bait, then engagement-focused content is the hook and landing net. HealthDay has several products specifically designed to grab a visitor's attention and engage them; notably, HealthDay TV, Interactive Infographics, Interactive Quizzes and Custom Newsletters.HealthDay has worked closely with a number of clients to synchronize the presentation of inbound marketing content with research-based and meaningful content, to increase clickthroughs to campaign goals.

Case Study: Conduent

Conduent is a publicly traded company specializing in digital systems. Their Employer HealthSolutions division focuses on creating the industry's best employee health portals. But theyrealize their strength is in systems development not content creation. So they turn toHealthDay's news feed to drive better outcomes for the employees of companies such asLockheed Martin, Williams Sonoma, and Xerox, to name but a few.

Other Examples:

A number of innovative start-ups are leveraging the power of data to create tailor-madewellness plans for employers and health plans. WiserTogether looks at how their users interact with HealthDay's news incombination with their own proprietary data, to create tailored treatment programs for theirclients.

WalkingSpree is an app that lets employees connect theirwearable devices and smart phones to track their steps, other physical activity, and participate

in our fun walking challenges. They use HealthDay content to keep their users engaged evenwhen they are not out on the trails.