HealthDay Now: Video News Show with Mabel Jong

HealthDay Now is a magazine-styled video news show, presented by HealthDay broadcast journalist Mabel Jong. In each installment Mabel discusses topical health issues with experts in their field. HealthDay Now offers excellent insight into the critical thinking behind public health administration, and also goes behind the scenes of the latest scientific research. This informative video news product is ideal for driving client engagement.

What is HealthDay Now?

In 2021, HealthDay launched the latest addition to our extensive product line-up, HealthDay Now. Award-winning HealthDay broadcast journalist Mabel Jong - a former news anchor and correspondent with CNBC, NBC News and ABC News - delivers the latest news headlines and discusses topical health issues with experts in that field.

HealthDay Now offers the latest news in video format, provides insight into the critical thinking behind public health administration, and also goes behind the scenes of the latest scientific research.

Why Do Leading Medical Media and Hospitals Use HealthDay Now?

In-house access to the very latest health news stories, the ability to attract top level experts from each health specialty, an accomplished news anchor and over 20 years of expertise in the creation of content to drive client engagement, all means that HealthDay is ideally placed to deliver excellent video news services. Video, of course, is one of the hottest areas in health media today. HealthDay Now enables our clients to provide top quality video news content to their social media or website without having to do any production or technical integration on their own. This provides consistent content to engage users/patients and opens the door for clients to then communicate company information or marketing materials.

How it is Delivered

HealthDay Now is delivered from our broadcast platform directly to your destination. Each video can be delivered as an iFrame, directly to client websites, eliminating or reducing data transfer times and disk/cloud storage issues. We can also provide the raw mp4 if so desired. In certain cases, if our interviews are live streamed, we can broadcast directly to clients' social media channels. This may require minor settings involving RTMP, but for most social media destinations all that is necessary is that you provide access. For more information on live broadcasting directly to your social media, please reach out to HealthDay's sales team.

How HealthDay Now Evolved to Meet Client Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly expedited the need for video content and access to opinions and advice from key thought leaders. From the onset of the pandemic, HealthDay gave clients access to bi-weekly live streamed interviews with public health experts, through our streaming service HD Live! Throughout 2020, HealthDay worked with clients to establish needs and requirements, and eventually broadened the video offering to incorporate the latest news headlines ahead of each interview, as well as an in-depth video review of a topical health news story. As a result of iterative feedback feeding product development, HealthDay Now was launched in the spring of 2021, giving clients exactly what they requested: consistent video news content, including interview segments with key health experts.