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When you're in need of specialized content, our Custom Content Division becomes your freelance writing and video department.

From writing feature articles, to producing videos, to creating content for hospital websites, our team can create exactly what you need for your target audience.

HealthDay's custom content editorial team has been trained in writing content that is optimized for search engines. If you're in need of SEO content for your website, HealthDay can help. Our team has produced thousands of feature articles that have been optimized for search engines that currently populate some of the most visited health portals in the country.

A Perfect Fit
We will work with your team to create customized content that fits your style and tone.

Custom articles and video scripts are thoroughly researched, written and edited.

On Your Schedule
You create the schedule that meets your editorial and production needs.

The copyright for each custom project belongs to your organization and allows you to use and re-use the material however you choose.

Customized content is competitively priced and designed to provide a turnkey solution for your content needs.

Web Content Review
In addition to our custom health news content, we also provide Web content reviews. Let our physician reviewers make sure your content is current and up-to-date.

Video Production and Script Writing
You tell us what you're looking to achieve and we'll write the script, engage the talent and deliver a finished video to you at any length.

Last Updated: March 15, 2016

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HealthDay's Interactive Infographics take complex health and medical topics and present them in a way that is appealing, intuitive and engaging. We realize that today's generation typically prefers images to text, and welcomes the ability to swipe and click through information.

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HealthDay Now is a magazine-styled video news show, presented by HealthDay broadcast journalist Mabel Jong. In each installment Mabel discusses topical health issues with experts in their field. HealthDay Now offers excellent insight into the critical thinking behind public health administration, and also goes behind the scenes of the latest scientific research. This informative video news product is ideal for driving client engagement.

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The stories contain step-by-step guides to diseases and conditions, ranging from how a baby develops and grows, to memory care for Alzheimer's patients. Resources include information on disease and condition management, prevention and self-care, when to consult a physician, what to ask the physician and educational quizzes to test knowledge and track symptom progression.

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