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HealthDay Editors and Reporters

HealthDay Editors and Reporters

News happens. Great writing makes it memorable.

A force of more than 30 reporters and editors, many of them recipients of prestigious journalism awards, create HealthDay news for consumers and Physician's Briefing professional news on a daily basis.

E.J. (Ernie) Mundell is Executive Editor, Consumer News—Mundell's experience as a journalist began in the 1990s as a staff writer at Reuters Health, where he later became managing editor for the consumer health news division. His work has also appeared on MSNBC, in Gannett newspapers, The Scientist, and elsewhere. A graduate of McGill University, he worked in film and television production before switching to journalism.

Tina DiMarcantonio-Brown is Managing Editor of Physician's Briefing—Brown was a freelance copy editor and writer before coming to HealthDay. Her work has appeared in Orthopedics Today, Spine Surgery Today, O&P Business News, Infectious Diseases in Children, Infectious Disease News, Endocrine Today, Fox Chase Now, and Clinical Oncology News. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Bloomsburg University.

George Giokas is Chairman and Special Projects Director—Giokas, one of the original founders of HealthDay, has 30 years in journalism including as executive news editor at Newsday and owner of StaffWriters Plus Inc., a company specializing in customized editorial assignments.

Jeff Walsh is Editor—Walsh has more than 30 years' journalism experience, many of them with the Gannett Company. He was HealthDay's executive editor for nine years.

Robin Foster is Senior Editor—Foster has 20 years of experience in journalism, including editing stints at a Times-Mirror newspaper in Connecticut and a Times-Journal daily in Washington D.C. Before that, she was a reporter at The Orlando Sentinel. She has been with HealthDay since 2000, both as a reporter and an editor.

Scott Roberts is Director of Technology—Roberts began his journalism career with Gannett as a reporter in the New York City suburbs. He also worked in hospital public relations before he joined Prodigy Services Co. as a senior editor in 1988. He quickly moved over to the technical side as senior producer, and joined HealthDay in 1999 in a similar capacity. Roberts oversees all technical aspects of HealthDay's transmissions to its clients.

Linda Searing is Senior Editor—Searing's 38 years of editing credentials include the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, USA Today and the Boston Herald. In addition, she has written a weekly medical column for the Post for the past five years, and was managing editor for the medical journal publisher Wolters Kluwer / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. She has worked with HealthDay since 2000.

Marianne Madeiros is Copy Editor—Madeiros has 20 years experience as a proofreader and copy editor. Her freelance projects have ranged from medical journals to magazines. While employed at Reuters Health, she was introduced to the fast-paced world of Web-based news and has been working online ever since. Originally from New York, she now lives in Massachusetts and happily works for HealthDay from her home in Quincy.

Barry Hoffman is Founding Editor—Hoffman has more than 40 years' experience in wire service, broadcast and newspaper journalism. He has held top editorial and general management positions with Gannett and Times Mirror and is past president of the New York State Associated Press Association. News staffs under his direction have won more than 300 national and regional awards, including the national Headliner's Award for public service, the Associated Press Managing Editors' award for in-depth reporting, and The Society of Professional Journalists award for enterprise reporting.

Jean Patman is Consulting Editor—Patman is the former managing editor of HealthDay whose extensive journalism experience includes directing Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage for Newsday when she was foreign editor. Before that, she was the newspaper's executive news editor. Later in her career she was features editor of the Los Angeles Times and oversaw the feature section's redesign. Her news career spans more than 25 years and includes editing positions at Gannett newspapers and the New York Post.

Dennis Thompson—Thompson, a HealthDay senior staff reporter, has been a reporter for about 25 years, working primarily at Gannett newspapers on both coasts of the United States. He also has worked as a freelance health reporter for a decade, writing articles for a variety of online and print news companies.

Stephanie Brown is Assistant Editor—Brown is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience in the health care industry. Having worked in both the United Kingdom and the United States, she enjoys editing the latest medical research for Physician’s Briefing from her home in St. Louis.

HealthDay uses more than 50 freelance reporters; here are some regulars:

Randy Dotinga—Dotinga, a journalist with more than two decades of professional experience, has written for dozens of magazines, newspapers and online news sites. He is president of the American Society of Journalists & Authors, a non-profit organization devoted to serving freelance writers and book authors.

Beth Gilbert—Gilbert is a health and science writer who provides content for both consumer and professional audiences. She has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Lehigh University and a Master's in biomedical engineering from Columbia University.

Serena Gordon—Gordon is a New York-area journalist who joined the HealthDay team in 1999. She has almost 15 years of writing experience, and her work appears regularly in national magazines such as ePregnancy and Energy for Women.

Amy Norton—Norton has been a medical journalist since 1999. She was a staff writer and editor for Physician's Weekly, Medical Tribune and Reuters Health, and she has written on health and medicine for MSNBC, The Scientist, Prevention and other publications. When she's not writing, she is teaching yoga.

Robert Preidt—Preidt is an Ontario-based writer and photographer with 20 years' newspaper and magazine experience. His news stories, features and photographs, which have won numerous awards, have appeared in the Toronto Star, the Medical Post and Family Practice magazine.

Steven Reinberg—Reinberg is an award-winning health journalist who has written for both consumer and professional audiences. A former reporter with Reuters Health, his work has appeared in The Scientist and other publications.

Maureen Salamon—Salamon, a Penn State journalism graduate and former staff writer at a Gannett daily newspaper, has specialized in consumer health reporting over the last decade. She was selected as a Medicine in the Media fellow by the National Institutes of Health in 2011 and has also written for The New York Times, CNN and several national health magazines.

Last Updated: February 11, 2019

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