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How long can I keep the health news on my Web site?
HealthDay news archives are available for one rolling year. Physician's Briefing's archives are available for 24 months. If you continue to renew, you can have one year of current health news on your site indefinitely.

What do I need to do to get the news posted on my Web site?
A unique newsfeed file (formatted in .xml or HTML Name/Value pairs) is generated on a HealthDay server and is available for you to download from a unique password-protected URL.

If I only want news about breast cancer or oncology, do I have to license all the news or can I just license the news about breast cancer or oncology?
HealthDay editors assign topic flags to each article. You can parse the newsfeed file to find only the articles that match topic flags that reflect your interests. And you only pay for the news that you use.

Do you have an RSS feed?
Yes. HealthDay feeds also are available in .XML or HTML Name/Value pairs. Additionally, HealthDay's easiest publishing solution is called E-Z Post (similar to AJAX). Clients using E-Z Post simply add a few lines of javascript code to selected webpages, and HealthDay's headlines and stories will be displayed accordingly. This process generally takes less than a couple of hours to complete.

How does this news service work?
Each weekday, HealthDay's award-winning reporters produce up to 20 consumer news articles and 15+ physician-focused new articles. Our editors flag each article for its relevance to more than 900 health topics, allowing our news stories to instantly populate a Web page or site channel, or to provide the most relevant search results for your visitors.

Can I use the news in newsletters?
Yes, at no additional charge.

Can I use the news in the App I'm building?
Yes, an additional charge will apply.

Can I post the news on more than one website?
Yes, an additional charge will apply.

Last Updated: July 26, 2016

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