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NORWALK, Conn., September 26, 2008 -- Dr. Cynthia Haines has been named Chief Medical Officer of HealthDay, an award-winning health and medical news service.

Dr. Haines, who is also managing editor of HealthDay's Physician's Briefing news service, will head up the company's physician-directed content division, which provides a variety of services for client Internet sites, involving medical content being reviewed and created by board-certified physicians.

Other Chief Medical Officer duties will have Dr. Haines overseeing a process to ensure the medical accuracy of all HealthDay content and representing the company as its physician spokesperson to the public and professional medical community.

"The combination of Cindy Haines' abilities as a physician, an editor, and a communications specialist makes her an amazing asset for our company," said HealthDay CEO Dan McKillen.

Dr. Haines is a member of the staff and faculty of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Saint Louis (Mo.) University School of Medicine. She is active within several national organizations, including the American Academy of Family Physicians where she currently serves as Vice President of the St. Louis chapter, the American Medical Association, and the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association. She serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine and has been named one of the Who's Who of Executives and Professionals and one of America's top physicians by America's Top Doctors. She received her undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology from Saint Louis University and a doctorate of medicine, with distinction, from Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Dr. Haines has provided in-studio medical commentary for local and national networks, including NBC and FOX News Live. She is a weekly columnist for The St. Louis Beacon.

HealthDay's Physician-Directed Content Division provides a thorough and professional review of medical content on Internet sites. The program includes reviewing medical articles, reference materials, and disease management materials to see if they need updating or rewriting. The physician-directed content division also creates new health content for web publishers written with search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the key deliverables of this service.

Physician's Briefing is written for medical professionals and provides timely and concise summaries from peer-reviewed medical journals. HealthDay's consumer news service provides daily health news that appears on more than 2,000 hospital and health care Web sites and major Internet news sites. HealthDay's parent company, ScoutNews, LLC is a privately held information firm, headquartered in Norwalk, Conn. For more information visit

HealthDay's Interactive Infographics take complex health and medical topics and present them in a way that is appealing, intuitive and engaging. We realize that today's generation typically prefers images to text, and welcomes the ability to swipe and click through information.

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HealthDay Now is a magazine-styled video news show, presented by HealthDay broadcast journalist Mabel Jong. In each installment Mabel discusses topical health issues with experts in their field. HealthDay Now offers excellent insight into the critical thinking behind public health administration, and also goes behind the scenes of the latest scientific research. This informative video news product is ideal for driving client engagement.

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The stories contain step-by-step guides to diseases and conditions, ranging from how a baby develops and grows, to memory care for Alzheimer's patients. Resources include information on disease and condition management, prevention and self-care, when to consult a physician, what to ask the physician and educational quizzes to test knowledge and track symptom progression.

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