Our Results

We love working with our customers to deliver outstanding results, built around our content and products. Feel free to reach out to a HealthDay sales rep for a more granular study of how our content drives results!

Engaging Content to Drive Better Outcomes

Stop the bounce! While traffic will flow in greater numbers thanks to a solid SEO strategy, thetraffic will drive right by unless engaged with meaningful content. SEO strategies vary, but whenit comes to encouraging engagement and influencing a change in client behavior, there is nosubstitute for quality content.

Custom SEO Content to Drive Client Acquisition

Content is still king. When it comes to ranking favorably with search engine algorithms, there is no substitute for well written, factual and relevant content. With competition intense to win organic ranking, HealthDay content can help you stand out from the crowd. The nature of SEO mandates that all content be unique and to this end this work falls to our custom content division. We leverage our core. competence to produce unique content on a wide spectrum of health and medical subjects. Our customers get a solid base of web content to work with when managing SEO strategy.

Award-Winning News to Stimulate Traffic and Social Sharing

Some of the biggest names in health and wellness turn to HealthDay as a source for the latest health news. Some are experts in health, but not in health news. Some are experts in news, but not in health. Most are looking for creative, cost-effective ways to supplement their own coverage with expert content. Our media clients know they can rely on HealthDay’s industry- wide reputation and policy of research-based, independent news coverage.

Topical Content for Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to communicate with existing members, subscribers or employees. But without interesting news content, the newsletters are often ignored or sent to trash. HealthDay content can be merged with your in-house bulletins and updates, to form a dynamic mix of clickable news and marketing content.