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Pain Management News

For daily, relevant pain management news, there's no better source than Physician's Briefing. Brought to you by HealthDay, Physician's Briefing is a medical news service for doctors that delivers timely, objective, evidence-based articles and news for pain management specialists. Our award-winning team of editors and writers summarizes the top medical journals and produces in-depth news items on the latest developments in the pain management specialty.  Receive pain management articles covering a variety of topics pertaining to:

  •   Scientific research and clinical studies
  •   Pharmacology
  •   Treatments and therapies
  •   Chronic pain management
  •   Emergency care
  •   FDA actions

…and much more

Our pain management news service also includes conference highlights and abstracts.

Conference coverage includes:

  •   American College of Rheumatology
  •   American College of Physicians

Put Our Pain Management Articles to Work For Your Organization

Stay ahead of the latest pain management news with Physician's Briefing, the timesaving, turnkey resource for pain management doctors. As part of your Physician's Briefing license you'll receive pain management articles Monday through Friday.

Join the thousands of physicians worldwide who depend on Physician's Briefing for professional medical news. Contact us to learn more about our medical news licensing service and to schedule a free demo.

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