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At HealthDay, we are fully committed to providing the right solutions to your content needs and requirements. Whatever your marketing strategy is, we have products to help you work towards those goals. If you are unsure which product(s) best suits your needs, or if you have a unique marketing plan which requires a more bespoke solution, please contact our sales team. We will be more than happy to talk you through the options available to you.


Consumer News Feed Service

Media such as WebMD, U.S. News and World Report, and Merck Manual, among others use HealthDay Consumer News Feed Service because they realize that though they have certain areas of expertise, they do not have the resources to cover every health news story.

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Physician’s Briefing

Physician's Briefing is a news service for medical professionals, providing timely and concise 200-400 word summaries from hundreds of peer-reviewed medical journals. From Allergy to Urology, Physician's Briefing delivers 15 professional articles a day covering 32 medical specialties for doctors and healthcare workers in hospitals, clinics, research labs and a range of related medical facilities.

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HealthDay TV

While HealthDay's text news feeds are excellent for meeting internet search criteria, HealthDay TV offers an alternative touch point for client engagement. Our clients like that they can use either product as a standalone, or combine text and video feeds to maximize client engagement potential.

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Social Graphics

HealthDay's Interactive Infographics take complex health and medical topics and present them in a way that is appealing, intuitive and engaging. We realize that today's generation typically prefers images to text, and welcomes the ability to swipe and click through information.

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Spanish Content

HealthDay produces an excellent Spanish language news service, consisting of eight feature news stories and a high-quality 60-90 second video each weekday. All Spanish content is professionally translated and is available within 24-36 hours from when it is published in English. HealthDay also provides a news archive containing 2,000+ Spanish language news articles, and up to 250 Spanish language news videos, covering the previous 12 months.

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HealthDay Now: Video News Show with Mabel Jong

HealthDay Now is a magazine-styled video news show, presented by HealthDay broadcast journalist Mabel Jong. In each installment Mabel discusses topical health issues with experts in their field. HealthDay Now offers excellent insight into the critical thinking behind public health administration, and also goes behind the scenes of the latest scientific research. This informative video news product is ideal for driving client engagement.

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Consumer in Japanese

Two articles a day from HealthDay's popular consumer health news feed are translated into Japanese. HealthDay Japan's editorial staff carefully selects articles from the HealthDay news feed and recreates the articles in the same easy-to-read and easy-to-understand writing style.

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Wellness Library

Wellness Library articles contain step-by-step guides to diseases and conditions, ranging from how a baby develops and grows, to memory care for Alzheimer's patients. Resources include information on disease and condition management, prevention and self-care, when to consult a physician, what to ask the physician and educational quizzes to test knowledge and track symptom progression.

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Custom Content

HealthDay's Custom Content is the ideal solution for those who need material for a unique purpose, and for those who prefer to own the copyright. Our team of specialized writers and editors, well versed in SEO as well, will create bespoke content tailored to your specifications. Our clients turn to the HealthDay Custom team when they need evidence-based, clinically accurate copy medically reviewed by our board certified staff of physicians.

HD Living Videos

HealthDay Living is an extensive library of high quality Mp4 health and wellness videos, each 60-75 seconds in length. Videos are categorized into 6 main subject areas: Diet and Fitness, Health & Wellness, Nutritious Foods, Healthy Recipes, Beauty Tips and Personal Relationships.

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