Topical Content For Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to communicate with existing members, subscribers or employees. But without interesting news content, the newsletters are often ignored or sent to trash. HealthDay content can be merged with your in-house bulletins and updates, to form a dynamic mix of clickable news and marketing content.

Newsletter campaigns including eye-catching HealthDay news stories, intertwined with company updates, have proven to be highly successful marketing campaigns for our clients.Lacing standard newsletter information with HealthDay content gives your campaign the topical edge required to encourage click-backs from email to your website or portal. A call to action is more likely to be clicked on if the users attention is captured by relevant and sometimes personalized news content.

  • Our Content Reduces Hard Bounce Email Statistics
  • Incorporating News Increases Click-Throughs
  • Can Be Used For Sponsor Driven Executions
  • Maximises Benefit of Licensing HealthDay Content

Case Study #1

One of the leading clinical trial companies is constantly in need of recruiting new patients. While they use the web to fill the upper funnel with prospects, they rely on email to drive the actual sign-ups. Content which is both relevant and timely is key to successfully driving new sign-ups. They turned to HealthDay's consumer news feed to provide the latest info on type-1 diabetes to those afflicted with this condition and cancer patients with the latest oncology news. The Healthday-content-based newsletters became a core component of their recruiting strategy.

Case Study #2

A large pharmaceutical company and a leader in the oncology space had developed digital connection with 80% of the oncologists in the US, but was looking for a way to establish a dialogue with the remaining 20%. They turned to HealthDay who in collaboration with a leading data company created a newsletter targeted to this digitally dark 20%. HealthDay worked with the email provider to customize the introductions to maximize click-throughs. The campaign enabled the Pharma company to create new relationships where none had existed before.