Health Highlights: April 19, 2023​

Health Highlights: April 19, 2023​

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Is it time to end universal masking at hospitals? Many experts think so. Vaccines and treatments have made COVID more manageable, they say, and the latest strains do not produce as much life-threatening illness. Read more

Do you live in one of America's worst cities for dirty air? Ozone pollution, or smog, has generally improved across the nation, but it's still widespread and not all communities are seeing improvements. Read more

Depression around pregnancy could raise women's heart risks. In a new study, depressed women had an 83% higher risk of developing narrowed arteries within two years of delivery. Read more

Damar Hamlin returns to football after near-fatal cardiac arrest. On Tuesday, the 25-year-old said he's been cleared to resume football activities, months after a fateful NFL game in January. Read more

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