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Healthcare content marketing is a crucial tool to drive your organization’s goals and objectives. You need to engage your audience to accomplish these goals, and you need content to fuel that engagement. HealthDay creates content that drives your healthcare digital marketing objectives. Our clients count on Healthday to drive their content marketing objectives. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, so something must be working. 

How is HealthDay Different?

HealthDay is different than a digital marketing agency.  We are unique in that we are first and foremost content providers to others.  We are not a media destination such as WebMD, US News and World Report, or Elsevier (who happen to be our clients).  We are not a hospital that creates marketing content and provides this to others as a form of their own advertising.  We have learned over these 25 years that you need different kinds of content to accomplish different objectives.  Content for SEO needs to be different than content for ongoing engagement.  At HealthDay we go the extra mile to make sure we understand your goals, and create the content that will drive those outcomes.

We are a full service company doing project management for your most challenging content writing and video production needs. 

Digital Marketing Services for the Healthcare Industry

While every need for content is unique, our client’s content objectives tend to fall into the following three categories.

  • Content for lead generation:  Often shaped by an organic search strategy.
  • Content for ongoing engagement:  Either to keep users on your website or to foster ongoing engagement through emails or social media.
  • Content for educational purposes:  This can range from explaining to a patient about a condition or procedure, or a thought leadership article that aims to position your company as a leader in your field. 

What makes HealthDay unique is that we believe content creation must be a data driven iterative process designed to deliver results.   When we deliver the content, we hope this is the beginning of the process, not the end.  By leveraging your reporting data we can further refine the content to ensure that it's accomplishing your goals and objectives. 

Mastering Search Engines with Customized Content Marketing Strategies

  • Getting your content to rank for search listings takes a carefully thought-out strategy and diligent execution.  Whether you start with a brief from your SEO advisers or if you would like our expert SEO advisory, HealthDay has flexible solutions to meet your needs.  To win big in SEO often requires a lot of content.  HealthDay welcomes the larger deals, even over 75 pieces a month.
  • You may have older content that does not perform as it once did. Our rewriting service will analyze your content looking for which stories stand to deliver the biggest impact from a solid rewrite.  If you choose to work with your SEO advisor we can write out their briefs to optimize keyword performance.
  • By tailoring content creation specifically for your healthcare brand, we help improve visibility and drive traffic, making sure you're not just present online, but prominently placed where your audience is looking.

Content for Ongoing Engagement: Newsletters and Social Media

  • While search engine content focuses on answering static questions, content for ongoing engagement is all about introducing something new.  With our years of expertise as the leading health news service, HealthDay’s core competence stems from the ability to aggregate and curate what will be of greatest interest to your audience. 
  • Whether it is writing summaries of major medical conferences, or summarizing regulatory developments HealthDay can write in the tone that is right for your audience.  We are one of the few content providers that are as comfortable writing for healthcare professionals as we are for the average consumer. 

Award-Winning Healthcare Marketing Agency: A Case Study CNBC

  • When CNBC was looking for help creating engaging health content for their lifestyle site, Make It, they turned to HealthDay for help generating story ideas and creating content that would capture their reader’s interest.  HealthDay, utilizing its network of key opinion leaders, created first-person stories that leverage the author's experience to boost the article’s authority.  The stories regularly ranked as their most popular.   Here is one of the best performers: Award-Winning Healthcare Marketing Agency: A Case Study CNBC
  • With the proliferation of AI-generated generic content, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness become more important than ever to distinguish the quality and authenticity of the content.

HealthDay:  A brand you can trust

HealthDay has been producing award-winning content since 1998, and has steadily grown to become the leading independent creator of evidence-based health content. HealthDay editors and writers have won numerous awards in journalism, including the Pulitzer Award, and top prizes from Associated Press Managing Editors.  We are committed to the creation and delivery of credible, relevant, and timely health content.  We respected by the industry and our clients for our ability to do this.

Learn More About Our Custom Content Services

Health Writing

At HealthDay, we specialize in creating authoritative and engaging written content tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare industry. Our team of experienced health writers crafts accurate, research-based articles, reports, and whitepapers that cater to both medical professionals and the general public. Whether you need content for a healthcare blog, patient education materials, or scientific publications, we provide precise and insightful writing that enhances understanding and conveys complex medical information clearly.

Health Editing

Our health editing services ensure that your content is not only well-written but also impactful and compliant with the highest standards. Our editors possess a deep understanding of the healthcare sector, enabling them to refine your texts with precision. They focus on improving clarity, coherence, and readability, while also ensuring that all information is up-to-date and adheres to the relevant medical guidelines and regulations. This meticulous editing process enhances the overall quality of your content, making it more engaging and trustworthy.

Video Production

HealthDay's video production services are designed to transform your health content into visually compelling and informative multimedia experiences. We handle everything from scripting and storyboarding to filming and post-production. Our videos range from educational tutorials and procedure explanations to documentary-style case studies and expert interviews. Each video is crafted to engage viewers, increase comprehension, and drive home the message you wish to convey, making complex health topics accessible and appealing to a wide audience. These services are integral to our mission of providing high-quality, customized content that meets the unique demands of the healthcare sector. Whether through written words or visual storytelling, we aim to inform, educate, and inspire your target audiences, thereby enhancing your brand's influence and reach in the health and medical fields.

Experience the HealthDay Difference

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