Health Day

Custom Medical Writing and Health Writing

Whether you’re targeting consumers or healthcare professionals, HealthDay specializes in creating custom medical and health content to accomplish your objectives.

HealthDay realizes that writing top-tier SEO-optimized health content is different from an educational handout.   Our expertise lies in applying the style that will drive your best results. 

Our Expertise

HealthDay’s expertise lies in its ability to create medical and health content specifically designed for your objectives. Through our years of experience, we have honed our skills in some of the most typical types of marketing content for health focused consumers and medical professionals. Here are a few:

  • Content For Lead Generation: Keyword research-driven SEO content optimized for search results
  • Content for Engagement: Ideal for websites, newsletters and social media platforms
  • Educational Content: Medical information and health information created by subject matter experts. Condition and Treatment Guides. Case studies for healthcare professionals.
  • Thought Leadership for Branding: Detailed, authoritative reports by thought leaders providing insight for the healthcare industry
  • We realize that each case is unique and are eager to help even if your use case may not fit into one of the categories above.

The Importance of Quality in Health Content

Building Trust Through Excellence

Quality health and medical content educates, builds trust, and establishes credibility. We present complex health topics in clear, accessible language. We tailor the content to your goals and the needs of your audience.

What we offer

Accuracy and Compliance: In health and medicine, there is no room for error.  Your reputation depends on your content being factually accurate.  HealthDay’s 4 step editorial process guarantees the results will properly articulate the science behind your assertions.  We understand the need for compliance review and welcome this as part of our process.

Enhanced Accessibility:   We are proud of our award-winning team of experienced health and medical writers.  They understand how to take difficult concepts and tailor the message to the specific audience,whether they are healthcare professionals or consumers. 

Reliability: HealthDay has been in business for 25 years because our clients know they can rely on us to deliver what we promise.  We remove the headache of finding and managing a network of freelancers on your own. 

Benefits of Choosing HealthDay for your most demanding content needs

Quality Guarantee: HealthDay’s 4-Step Content Creation Process is carefully designed to deliver the level of quality and accuracy demanded by our clients. In this process, our content is first written, then edited, fact-checked, and then top-edited before it is delivered. We also provide medical review upon request.

Ease of Execution: On the one hand, working with freelancers takes an inordinate amount of time and effort and you can never be sure of the reliability. Then on the other end of the spectrum if you choose to work with an agency they most often impose layers of product management between you and the actual content creators. With HealthDay, you will work directly with the editors responsible for creating your content.

Cost Efficiency: When considering the total cost of creating content, it is crucial to account for both internal and external resources. Our 4-Step Content Creation Process delivers all-in pricing that is cost-competitive with both in-house and outsourced alternatives.

Expandability: We challenge you to find any other company who is as eager as HealthDay to take on the large deals. We welcome assignments for 50-150 pieces of content a month. For our competitors, it’s virtually impossible to scale on demand to this kind of volume, but our network of content creators enables us to take on your most challenging assignments.

Customer Service: Our customer service policy is rooted in the Japanese tradition of Omotanshi. Omotanashi is the spirit that goes beyond the common cliche of “the customer is always right,” it is an implicit understanding that our responsibility first and foremost is to ensure a great experience for each and every client.

Why HealthDay?

A Trusted Leader in Health and Medical Content

  • Core Competency: HealthDay’s core competency is creating content. This is the core of our business. Because we create evidence-based quality health and medical content at scale, we have the infrastructure in place to meet your most demanding requirements.
  • Our Writers: Experience has taught that when your goal is quality content, you are better off with writers who are experienced with health and medicine, than trying to get medical professionals to write clearly. We rely on seasoned professionals to write and then use certified medical experts for review, thereby getting the best of both worlds.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders: Over our 25 years of experience we feel honored to have earned the reputation as the “Content Provider to the Content Providers.” Our content is featured on prominent publishers such as WebMD, Merck Manual, US News and World Report and Elsevier.
  • Iterative Creation Process: At HealthDay we believe content creation needs to be an iterative process driven by data and customer feedback. We learn from this feedback to tailor content to resonate with your audience while maintaining your brand’s voice. Technology is an important tool in the process, but the skill and authority of our writers makes HealthDay unique.

Many companies are creating quality health content. Some like WebMD are first and foremost media destinations on their own and provide content on their own as a side business. There are hospitals such as Mayo Clinic who create content, but provide it to you for their own marketing purposes. HealthDay’s mission is to provide content that is going to drive results for our customers. Our customer’s success is the key to our success.

Efficiency and Expertise at Your Service

Choosing HealthDay means more than outsourcing content creation. It means experiencing hassle-free, efficient service delivery. HealthDay takes care of the entire process from initial brief, fact checking, medical review, to the final edit. We ensure our content meets your specifications every time.

HealthDay’s Award Winning Writers and Editors Specialize in Health and Medicine

HealthDay is a leading independent creator of evidence-based health content for both consumers and professionals. Our award-winning team is committed to the highest standards of quality and ethics in health journalism.

  • Award-Winning Team: Our staff includes over 30 expert writers and editors with experience in professional and consumer content.
  • Strict Editorial Standards: We maintain complete financial independence from the subjects we cover to ensure impartial and ethical reporting.
  • Diverse Content Reach: Our work is featured on prominent platforms like WebMD, CNBC, and Merck's clinical trial portal.
  • Impartial and Ethical Reporting: We prioritize neutrality to ensure the highest ethical standards.

Our Unique Approach to Content Creation

  • Driven by SEO and Analytics: We leverage the latest SEO strategies and analytics to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Customized Content: We tailor content to resonate with your audience while maintaining your brand’s voice.
  • Iterative Creation Process: Our content is not only engaging but continuously optimized for performance.

Experience the HealthDay Difference

Ready to Amplify Your Content’s Impact? Contact us today for a consultation and see how our expert writing services can transform your content strategy