Health Tip: The Basics of Food Safety

Ignore this information, and you could get sick

(HealthDay News) -- Make sure you've got your facts straight when it comes to food safety.

The U.S. Food Safety Administration explains:

  • Foodborne illnesses can be serious, resulting in chronic health problems or, rarely, death.
  • Never thaw meat on a kitchen counter, as bacteria can multiply rapidly at room temperature. It's also important to marinate meat in the refrigerator, never at room temperature.
  • While bleach is good for cleaning the kitchen, there's no benefit to using excessive amounts.
  • Wash all fruit and vegetables with water (never detergent or soap), even if you're going to peel them.
  • Never rinse raw meat, poultry or fish, which could spread contaminated juices.
  • Follow microwaving instructions carefully, including allowing food to stand a few minutes after heating. This gives the food time to finish cooking.
  • Don't rely on smell as a way to tell if food has gone bad. Some harmful bacteria don't affect the smell or taste of food.
  • Always keep cooked food warmed to the appropriate temperature to avoid bacterial growth.

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