Health Highlights: July 29, 2021

Health Highlights: July 29, 2021

Here's some of HealthDay's top stories for Thursday, July 29:

Biden to mandate 'vaccine or testing' for federal workers. Faced with tough resistance by many Americans to COVID vaccination and a surge in cases driven by the Delta variant, President Joe Biden on Thursday will issue mandatory vaccination or weekly testing for all civilian federal government employees. Read more

Berries, fruits, sweet peppers: color in diet could cut dementia risk. New research in over 77,000 older Americans finds that people who ate even half a serving per day of colorful vegetables or fruits had a 20% lower odds for dementia. Healthy antioxidants called flavonoids may be the reason why. Read more

Half of U.S. adults plagued by back, leg pain. Chronic neuromuscular pain in the back, legs and shoulders hits a lot of American adults, new CDC data shows. Rates rise with age and decline as incomes get higher. Read more

Hearts from drug abusers are safe for transplant. Every year, people die on transplant lists while waiting for a donor heart. New research that shows that the hearts of deceased drug abusers might be safely added to the supply. Read more

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