Cutting Meat Consumption Could Lower Diabetes Rate in US

A new study finds eating less meat – both processed and unprocessed -- could significantly lower diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer rates in the US.

If adults in the U.S. ate a lot less bacon, deli meat and hot dogs, it could significantly lower the country’s diabetes rate, a new study finds.

Researchers say cutting processed meats by a third could prevent 350,000 cases of the disease over a 10-year period.

Using data from a national health survey, they looked at the impact of cutting processed meats from 5%-100%.

The large drop in diabetes wasn’t the only benefit. The results showed a 30% reduction would prevent more than 92,000 cases of heart disease and about 53,000 cases of colon cancer over a decade.

The analysis also looked at unprocessed red meat and found cutting consumption alone or in combo with processed meat would provide more protection.

Source: The Lancet Planetary Health

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