Healthcare Costs Top Concern Among People Over 50

A new study finds adults over 50 are very worried about the costs of everything from health insurance to prescription drugs and in-home care.

The majority of Americans over 50 are very worried about the cost of medical care later in life, according to a new survey. Participants were asked to rate their level of concern for 26 different health-related topics, and five of the top six concerns involved health care costs. Overall, 56% say they are very concerned about the cost of medical care for older adults. An equal percentage express worries about the cost of quality home care, assisted living, or long-term care. Following closely on their list are the prices of prescription drugs, health insurance, Medicare costs, and concerns about medical scams and fraud. Additionally, 45% of participants are also distressed over the cost of dental care.

The researchers noted that these same six concerns topped the list regardless of the participants' age, gender, race, political ideology, or income group. One author highlighted, "In this election year, these findings offer a striking reminder of how much health care costs matter to older adults."

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