Why You Keep Eating After You’re Full: New Study Offers Insight

A new study finds that a weak connection between two regions of the brain that help regulate food intake may lead to overeating and a higher body mass index.

Ever wonder why you reach for that last piece of pizza even though you're feeling full? Researchers say a weak connection between two areas of the brain that help regulate food intake may be to blame. One region controls our sense of smell and reward, while the other involves behavioral responses to pain and threats.

In a new study, a review of MRI brain scans found that when the connection between these areas is weak, people tend to have a higher body mass index (BMI). While our sense of smell helps spark hunger, the researchers believe it may be the pain messages that alert you when eating doesn't feel good anymore.

One author says, "If the brain circuits that help guide this behavior are disrupted, these signals may get confused, leading to food being rewarding even when you are full. If this happens, a person's BMI could increase."

Understanding how these processes work is an important first step in the development of treatments for overeating.

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