How Our Content is Delivered

Regardless of your IT infrastructure, level of expertise or available resources, we have a way of effectively and efficiently delivering content to you.
HealthDay XML Feed: The most common delivery method is a feed that is formatted in either XML, or as a series of HTML Name/Value pairs, which you can retrieve using either the HTTP protocol. Each article in the feed has a unique ARTICLE_ID, which will never be reused. Stories come with multiple tags for easy indexing. Information on our feed can be found here:
Download: HealthDay also provides an "A la Carte" tool, which allows users to download stories and files, which can then be uploaded or copied and pasted into their own sites.
EZ-Post: HealthDay E-Z Post makes it simple to post HealthDay content on your website. Headlines and the full texts of stories will appear on your site as soon as they are published by HealthDay. E-Z Post's robust search engine can allow users to display the content they most want to see. Clients using E-Z Post simply add a few lines of javascript code to selected webpages, and thereafter, HealthDay's headlines and stories will be displayed automatically each day.