Can the Planetary Health Diet Extend Your Life?

A new study finds following the Planetary Health Diet (PHD) significantly lowers your risk of premature death and helps protect the planet. The PHD emphasizes plant foods, but it allows small amounts of fish, meat and dairy.

Following the Planetary Health Diet may give you more time here on earth.

The Planetary Health Diet focuses on minimally processed plant foods, but allows modest amounts of fish, meat and dairy. It also has a lower environmental impact…leading to fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less land use.

Now, a new study finds people who closely follow this eating plan have a 30% lower risk of premature death from every major cause including cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

Researchers identified the link after reviewing decades-worth of dietary questionnaires filled out by more than 200,000 adults.

They also discovered those with the highest adherence had a substantially lower environmental impact with 29% lower greenhouse emissions, 21% lower fertilizer needs and 51% lower land use.

The corresponding author warns our planet is on track for ecological disaster, and our food system plays a role.

He says, “Shifting how we eat can help slow the process of climate change. And what’s healthiest for the planet is also healthiest for humans.”

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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