Scientists Identify Key Nutrients Involved in Brain Aging

A new study finds people with slower-than-expected brain aging consume a specific nutrient profile that is similar to the Mediterranean diet.

Here’s more evidence that what you eat matters when it comes to protecting your brain power. A new study identifies 5 specific nutrients that may play an important role in brain aging.

The study included 100 healthy older adults who filled out questionnaires and underwent blood tests, MRI scans and cognitive assessments. The results revealed two types of brain aging among the participants – accelerated and slower-than-expected. And researchers found those in the slower group had something in common.

Their blood tests revealed higher concentrations of fatty acids, antioxidants and carotenoids, two forms of vitamin E and choline. Participants with this nutrient profile also performed better on learning and memory tests.

One researcher says, “This aligns with the extensive body of research in the field demonstrating the positive health effects of the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes foods rich in these beneficial nutrients.”

He says randomized clinical trials are needed to see if boosting these nutrients through supplementation helps improve brain health.

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