Extreme Exercise

How to tell if your teen is overdoing it

(HealthDayNews) -- There's little doubt about the health benefits of exercise, but in an effort to control their weight, some teens work out compulsively.

Over-exercising, especially when coupled with an eating disorder, can lead to stress on the heart, according to Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio.

Your child's exercise routine may have turned into an unhealthy obsession if he or she:

  • Forces herself to work out, even if she doesn't feel well.
  • Chooses exercise over spending time with friends.
  • Becomes upset over a missed workout.
  • Bases the amount she exercises on how much she eats.
  • Has trouble sitting still because she doesn't think she's burning enough calories.
  • Is never satisfied with her physical achievements.
  • Uses diet aids, steroids or chemicals to help enhance her physique.

If this sounds like your child, discuss the problem with her doctor.

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