Evening Exercise May Be Best for Blood Sugar Control

A new study finds overweight or obese patients who get moderate to vigorous exercise between 6 pm and midnight have lower blood glucose levels both day and night.

Hitting the treadmill instead of the couch when evening hits may lead to better blood sugar control.

A new study finds the best time to exercise for glucose regulation is 6 p.m. or later. The study included 186 sedentary, middle-aged adults who were overweight or obese.

The participants wore physical activity and glucose monitors for 14 days, and the researchers found those who got most of their moderate to vigorous exercise between 6 p.m. and midnight had lower blood glucose levels during the day, night and overall.

The largest benefit was seen in participants who already had prediabetes.

One author says these findings highlight the growing importance of precision exercise prescriptions for chronic conditions.

He says, “…Certified sports and medical personnel should consider the optimal timing of the day to enhance the effectiveness of the exercise and physical activity programs they prescribe.”

 Source: The Obesity Society

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